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    Birthstone Guide

    garnet.jpgJanuary Birthstone - Garnet

    The red Garnet gem is associated with individuals born in January. This deep red crystal has long been used as a talisman and often referred to as the "Gem of Faith. The Garnet is believed to provide protection to the wearer and bring eternal happiness, success and good health to his home. The January birthstone signifies victory, truth, friendship, faith and has been associated with insight and regeneration and countering dark magic and negative energies. Garnets that have lost their luster is considered bad luck.


    February Birthstone - Amethystamethyst.jpg

    The February stone, Amethyst, is one of the world's most popular gemstones, popular for its striking deep purple color and minimal inclusions. The Greeks and Romans believe that the Amethyst wards off drunkenness and the powers of the God of Wine, Bacchus. It was also regarded to keep the wearer calm, sharp and quick-witted. During the Middle-ages the Amethyst was considered the stone of Royalty. Today, the stone is considered to bring its wearer, peace, courage, stability, sincerity and strength.


    aquamarine.jpgMarch Birthstone - Aquamarine

    March Celebrants are blessed with the tranquility and majesty of the Aquamarine. This gemstone symbolizes honesty, faithfulness and beauty. The Aquamarine comes in cool pale to deep green-blue color, much like the color of the sea where the gem is actually named after. Often identified with values of courage, loyalty and friendship. It is said to improve communication skills through heighten awareness and quick response.


    April Birthstone - Diamonddiamond.jpg

    The stone that symbolizes eternity and true love, the "forever stone", is April's birthstone. Considered as the most precious gem in the world, the Diamond is the most explored and coveted gem because of its brilliance and lasting quality. This gem symbolizes love and romance, commitment, sensuality and loyalty. It is also believed to strike balance and clarity to the wearer and bring happiness, wealth and health to their homes.


    emerald.jpgMay Birthstone - Emerald

    The most regal of gems, the Emerald has been coveted by royalty since the ancient times. The Emerald represents patience, wisdom, loyalty, friendship and faithfulness and is believed to provide the wearer increased intuition and foresight, good health and prosperity. Its majestic green color symbolizes spring, new life and regeneration. Wearing Emeralds helps balance the energies of the wearer and prevent panic it is also believed to bring the wearer happiness.


    June Birthstone - Pearlpearl.jpg

    Unique from other gems, the Pearl is the only organic natured gem. The symbol of purity, chastity and modesty, the Pearl comes in different shapes, sizes and color all of which brilliant in its own way. In Ancient Greece it is believed that Pearls are tears of joy that fell from the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite. Pearls are also valued for their healing powers, it is said that the gem treats issues in the heart and stomach.


    ruby.jpgJuly Birthstone - Ruby

    The ruling gemstone of July is the Ruby. Regarded as one of the most important and powerful gems in history, it was dubbed the 'King Of Gems’ by the Ancient Hindus because they believe that the stone's fiery Red color is a  radiation of the warmth  from an internal flame. The vibrant red Ruby signifies love, intense passion, strength, vitality, confidence, leadership, and courage.


    August Birthstone - Peridotperidot.jpg

    The August birthstone is known as the "evening emerald" because it much resembles a lantern in the night sky. The Peridot is associated with the qualities of peace, good fortune, happiness, prosperity, growth, dignity and love. It is also believed that possession of this stone ward off evil and nightmares and bestows peace and progress in the bearer's life.


    sapphire.jpgSeptember Birthstone - Sapphire

    The blue Sapphire is one of the most desired gems in the world because of its deep blue color, strength and vibrance. Since the ancient times the stone is believed to attract the blessings from the heavens and protect the wearer from envy and harm. This gem signifies truth, faithfulness and sincerity and acts as a talisman against impure thoughts and temptation. This gem gives a sense of inner peace and a boost of clarity and intuition.


    October Birthstone - Opalopal.jpg

    One of the most colorful gems in the market, the Opal was a symbol of hope to the early Romans thus earning the title "Anchor of Hope". Legend has it that the Opal was believed to make its wearer invisible and became a popular talisman for spies and thieves. The October birthstone signifies purity, innocence, hope and faith. The Opal is believed to have healing properties against eye infections and believed to enhance creativity, calming the nerves and strengthening the memory.


    citrine.pngNovember Birthstone - Topaz / Citrine

    The month of November has two-ruling birthstones, the Citrine and the yellow Topaz that creates balance for this month's celebrants. In Ancient Egypt the Topaz is believed to be the a symbol of Ra, the Sun God, because of its intensity and brillliant glow.  the stone is associated with intensity, passion and determination. The Citrine however balances the Topaz with the gentle qualities attributed to it- peace, prosperity, loyalty, healing and creativity. 


    December Birthstone - Turquoiseturquoise.jpg

    December is ruled by one of the oldest gemstone, the Turquoise. This  beautiful blue-gree stone was used as an amulet and talisman in the ancient times because it is believed to get the wearer warm responses where ever they go and it is als said that the stone offers protection against evil, enemies, negative energy and illness. It is believed that the stone brings wisdom and honor as well as restfiulness and tranquility to the bearer.


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