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    Jewelry Care Basics

    Wearing Jewelry

    Caring for your Jewelry starts with wearing it properly. This means knowing when you remove it and put them on. Here are some basic guidelines to consider when wearing jewelry:

    • DO NOT wear jewelry when engaging in moderate to high physical activity. When performing manual tasks- this means if you have an active job, doing household work and participating in sports- remove your jewelry to prevent physical damage to the item or exposure to harmful chemicals or cleaning fluids and sweat.

    • DO NOT wear jewelry when in the salon or when applying makeup. Using different care products when wearing jewelry can cause build-up on the item. Also some chemicals in perfumes, cosmetics, lotions and hair products can cause damage to your jewelry. Stylists can also damage your necklace/earrings through scratches from combs, chemicals from hair treatments and heat from salon tools.

    • DO NOT wear jewelry in swimming pools and spas. Chlorine can cause deep damage to your jewelry, this means changes in color and structure of the item. and high heat in spas can hasten the tarnishing of most metals.

    • DO clean jewelry after every use. After each use, jewelry should be wiped with a soft cloth to remove dirt and sweat. This prevents build up and makes the luster of your piece last longer.


    Storing Jewelry

    Most Jewelry damages are from improper storage. The risk of damage is minimized when proper storage is chosen. 

    • CHOOSE a jewelry box with sturdy exterior and soft interior w/ multiple compartments. The tough exterior is to protect jewelry from outside pressure and the soft, well-compartmentalized interior makes sure that jewelry is well secured from scratches and less likely to get tangled.

    • STORE jewelry in a Dry Place, away from heat. Humidity can damage jewelry. Fine jewelry should be stored in a dry place at all times. Place jewelry away from direct sunlight during storage. Sunlight will increase the temperature of the jewelry and cause damage over time. Some metals and gemstones may even change colors or become lighter as a result of excessive heat. 

    • TAKE extra care when storing pearls. Make sure to store pearls in a soft padded container because pearls are fragile and soft, dents and scratches are common if not stored properly.

    • HANG necklace. Tangles are not only a pain but it also decreases the luster of jewelry, make sure to hang neckalaces in a hook or a jewelry box to prevent this.

    • SECURE jewelry when travelling. Store jewelry securely during travel this is both to prevent theft and to prevent pieces from rubbing against each other causing damage.

    • USE anti-tarnish strips. Anti-tarnish strips should be used in all jewelry storage to prolong the shine and luster of jewelry.


    Cleaning Jewelry

    • CLEAN jewelry often. Lotions, soaps and skin oils alter the optical properties of diamonds and gemstones, causing them to look dull. If your jewelry comes with a box, follow the instructions appearing on the label or box.

    • USE only a soft brush and warm water with mild detergent. Never sharp or hard objects, to remove dirt or particles. Clean diamond jewelry with a soft brush dipped in warm water and mild detergent; rinse under running water.

    • SECURE jewelry when cleaning. Never clean jewelry in places where you can lose the, for example, the rim of a sink where a piece may slip down the drain.

    • NEVER expose diamonds, gemstones and pearls to chemicals. There are specific cleaning requirements for each type of stone. Never use solvents or cleaning chemicals ulnless you are 100% sure that it is safe.

    • SEEK help from a professional. For seriously soiled jewelry, do not hesitate to have it cleaned professionally.


    Tips to Pro-long the Life of your Jewelry:

    • KEEP documents separate from jewelry. Keep your Laboratory Reports in a safe location, separate from jewelry pieces, for security.

    • MAINTENANCE is key. Have your jewelry cleaned and checked by a professional for worn mountings, loose prongs and general condition at least once per year. Have white gold re-plated, platinum re-polished and prongs re-tipped as necessary to maintain original condition (generally every 24 months or so). Select daily-wear jewelry that is in harmony with your lifestyle and schedule of activities.

    • PEARLS & GEMSTONES require special care. Have frequently-worn pearls restrung as necessary, with a knot between each pearl to prevent loss if the string breaks. Some colored gemstones should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes; know your pieces and their needs.

    • TREAT each piece as if it were a family heirloom, for someday it may be.

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